Users who understand the application of hydraulic hoses may
Users who understand the application of hydraulic hoses may know that there may be a burst of work in our practical application, which is a serious hazard to production and operation, and it is difficult to maintain and is often helpless. So it is a wise choice to minimize this possibility and to stifle the danger in the cradle.

Specifically, the prevention approach generally has the following:

(1) If a farm with a limited deep wheel is working, it must be operated in a "floating" position instead of a "neutral" position.
(2) If the distributor automatically return to failure, it must be timely repair can not be delayed. If there is no automatic return of the distributor, farm tools "lift" or "pressure drop" to the end position, to immediately pull back to the "neutral" position.
(3) If the farmer is transported, the speed should be chosen according to the flatness of the road, and the overload of the piston should be prevented from causing the machine to malfunction and damage.
(4) the opening pressure of the distributor safety valve should be adjusted according to the correct operation of the machine.
(5) according to the actual situation of the soil to master the extent of pressure drop farm tools, rather than unlimited "pressure drop", which is likely to cause damage to the machine.