Coal industry tubing mainly hydraulic support hose. In recen

Coal industry tubing mainly hydraulic support hose. In recent years, some coal mine hydraulic support pressure requirements have been improved, part of the wire braided hose can not meet its performance requirements, requiring the use of wire wound tubing. In addition, in order to prevent the coal mine coal mining process of coal dust pollution and improve production safety, an increase of coal mine tubing varieties, such as coal seam water sealer telescopic tubing for coal mining face before the coal seam for water injection , Grouting and other operations. It is reported that the domestic manufacturers have been produced, and more than a dozen coal mine trial, can replace similar imported products.

Oil industry

China's offshore oil development strategy in the 21st century focused on the development of offshore and shallow sea oil fields, therefore, the oil industry in addition to the use of drilling tubing, vibration tubing, but also requires the use of shallow oil pipeline. Shallow sea submarine oil pipeline has been produced in China, but floating or semi-floating oil pipeline and deep seabed oil pipeline is still dependent on imports. With the implementation of China's offshore oil development strategy, offshore oil exploration on the performance requirements of the tubing will continue to increase.