High-pressure hose assembly of the buckle hose joints are va
In recent years, the development of various industries under the form of ultra-high pressure hoses and other related products have been better production and application of the application, which is also the user is constantly increasing, so in order to buy to High-quality high-pressure hose, in the purchase of which need to consider what factors?
When selecting an ultrahigh pressure hose, the appropriate hose, fittings and hose assembly should be selected for specific applications.
Consider the factors: the type of hose, the size of the hose, the length of the hose, the system working pressure, the system fluid and the use of the environment, please refer to product standards.
High-pressure hose assembly of the buckle hose joints are varied, should be based on different types of hose selection of different joints.
Note: ultra-high pressure hose to be stripped of plastic and no need to peel two types of glue. Joints are not the same, to be stripped of the type of plastic jacket type of the groove should not be too sharp, otherwise it will damage the hose enhancement layer. Proper fastening of the joint, the safety of the hose assembly and normal work is essential.
Many types of joints, to select the appropriate connector, sets of design to be standard and reasonable. Sharp groove, non-standard size will buckle the wire reinforcement layer. When the joint is pressed, the amount of buckling shall be determined according to the inner diameter and outer diameter of the hose.