Product Details

It is used for hole sealing when and after grounting and water injection of coal or rock.
The hole sealing device is composed of high-pressure expansion hose, relief valve, quick connector and skeleton steel pipe.
3.Technical parameters:
Working pressure: 5-8Mpa
Sealing diameter: 45mm-120mm
Application: it can be used to convey mixed resin, water, cement and other medium.
We can design and process hole sealing devices according to the actual hole sealing diameter required by users.
(1) The hole sealing device is easy to use. Fully insert the device into the borehole and connect it with pressure source, then start the pressure. When the presure is raised up to 0.4MPa, the hose will be completely expanded and seal the hole. Now open the relief valve to inject water or grounting to the coal. After water in jection or grounting, you just need to back-out the connecting pipe to the hole sealing device counter clockwise. The hole sealing device will be still expanded in the borehole to ensure long-term sealing. It can effectively 
(2 ) Hole sealing device contraction: when the pressure medium is water, water suction pump is required. The compressed gas can be discharged from the supply pipe.