Product Details

We have reserched and developed various gas drainage hole sealing devices and hydraulic fracturing hole sealing devices of different working principles and performances and meeting different working environments according to specific requirements of different coal mines, and have obtained Mining Products Safety Label.

1.Application: water injection for coal, gas drainage

(1 )By injecting water into coal mass, some of the gas can be discharged, thus the gas content of the coal mass can be effectively reduced.
(2 )If water injection achieves the desired effet, the dust can be redued by more than 80%, thus improving the working environment and avoiding dust explosion accident.
(3) It can dampen the coal and prevent spontaneous combustion of coal.
(4) After adopting advance drainage bore hole and working face drainage system, the gas gushing amount and drilling cuttings amount at the drainage borehole increases obviously, thus reducing the risk of outburst greatly. It helps to release the ground stress and gas pressure effectively and avoids accidents in coal cutting.
(5) It has solved the problem of transfinite gas in coal cutting and outburst prevention drilling, and can efectively prevent coal and gas ouburst and explosion. 

The hole sealing device is composed of high pressure rubber expansion hose, middle tube, sliding seal joint and injection pressure connector.

4.Techncial Parameter:
Sealing diameter: 65-150mm (can be processed according to customer’s requirements)
Working pressure: 1-6Mpa (can be processed according to customer’s requirements)
Start-up pressure of relief valve: 0. 4-0. 5Mpa
Working flow: water injection 5t-8t/h. Gas drainage volume depends on concentration and pressure
Sealing depth: 0. 5m-3m
Hose expansion coefficient: 60%-100%

5.Operation Guides and Precautions
(1) Connect the waterway or airpump on the working site to the injection joint of the hole sealing device, and connect the middle tube to the gas drainage piping. Fully insert the hole sealing device into the borehole. Under certain pressure, the hole sealing device hose expands to realize hole sealing,  water injection or gas drainage.
(2) The gas drainage hole sealing device can be used repeatedly for serveral times. After water injection, remove the pressure, and the hoel sealing device can get back into shape, then you can take the devie out.
(3) It is forbidden to insert and take out the device with pressure.